Second coming of Jesus

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Smoke From My Feet! The mother of one of my customer's partner was in the very first house I called on (he left her with a $600 phone bill). However, she wanted the children's books after she had paid her bill in July.

Then I went into Hampshire Street, where the owner of the first house was still asleep and the second house was empty. I started singing, “Lead me to some soul today; teach me, Lord, just what to say!” Wow, that song always gets me enthused for the next house.

Well, to the third house I went. There were three people living there, flatmates and friends, two men and one woman. I had sold to the woman about 10 years before. I showed her the books and we were chatting away when I handed her Today, Tomorrow and You and said, “The answers were from the Bible”. “This is uncanny,” they both said. “Are you religious?” Wayne asked me.

“No, I'm not. I'm a Christian,” I replied. “I don't follow it because it is what I have to, but I do it because I love Jesus and I want to.” “Go and bring that book your mother gave you last night,” Wayne requested. So off Carmen went and came back with a Gideon Bible. They both realised something was missing from their lives and that if they were going to be Christians, then it would be fully! No half measures. Wayne had the odd joint of pot and smoked cigarettes as well.

When he was out of the room, I told Carmen how Today, Tomorrow and You changed John Brereton's life, gave him a purpose for living and a hope for the future. When I asked her which books she would be interested in, she said, “All of them!” (that's all the books we carry), except the old set of the Family Medical Care, which she already had.

Please pray for Wayne and Carmen. He is 35 and she is 31. I felt like dancing when I came out of there! Hence the smoke from my feet! Praise God! - Collette Brown, New Zealand

Important reading: To find why the Bible calls the Papal Church Babylon, please read the origin of Babylon and the Sunday Sabbath, paganism and Christianity and then how the Sabbath was changed to Sunday, so it will then be very clear how and why Satan did this. What is the number 666 has almost lost information explaining how 666 originally came from Babylon and why it is now applied to a man in the Papal Church. The secret rapture and the seven year tribulation is a huge and fast spreading deception from the real truth on the second coming of Christ Jesus. [dark]